Pomona, California
Not resolved

Thanks.Truly correct normal legal way, but not pamas way.Aliased Minions always line own pocket with your cash. Repeat.collectors rotated so no one person is found, not 1099 but shell game co.

Also playing. Dirty work. gives $ to office Rents are an address account, collector may get 12% total bldg pymt in 2018. No one lives there like law says, they rent out their apt.

Sigh more$. Suggest follow them last time hand rent over. Then suit for them, serve them. they took your deposit.

They or other aliased jerk rented to you or anyone temporarily, to get office profit for the address. .period.they keep twice annual ncreases they charge for.repairs damage and old conditions unseen when you move in.becomes unbearable substandard you move they just collect, no repairs again. New fools worth big$.office dont know what you charged. Written contracts dont get filed.

Office dont have it. The units vacant last yrs.Rents always higher to next person. Like a TIP. when unclean unit no repairs in a day right?

Run.Money is big. turnover makes it bigger. Fools if we pay cash. picture mike Nijjar as court jester he IS on wanted poster.

All of them should be in prison. Lets Pray

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