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well it started in September when i moved in, being a new tenant i usually kept to myself didn't talk to any of the neighbors and just worked came home and slept. however in a months time my car was broken into.

all they did was say it was personal damage and there was nothing they could do. this went on for months, from September to July my car was broken into a total of 5 times each time was progressively worse. the gate is always open, the area looks like ***, holes in the wall nothing is being done. Ive decided to move out and try to find another place but this was the worst place i have ever been too.

i recommend everyone stay away from this company namesake and all. the halls are full of holes, there is *** and *** smell everywhere. the kids are disrespectful, and the property manager is the worse of all.

she dosent give a rats *** about anything, her assistant is about as cold and dead as they come shes has no expression at all. please if you value your cars, your life, your family even if it means living out of your car i urge you to stay away from this place at all cost.

Product or Service Mentioned: Pama Management Property Rental.

Monetary Loss: $1500.

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You didn't look the place over before signing on the dotted line?

Also, how much is the rent? Could it be an inexpensive ghetto rate and you're getting what you paid for?