248 E Highland Ave, San Bernardino, CA 92404, USA

Update by user Aug 23, 2018

Code enforcement came out and everything was fixed the day before they were to come back and inspect.

Update by user Aug 23, 2018

Everything is now fixed thanks to code enforcement coming out. It should not have had to come to that. I am grateful that everything is now done but I am still angry that I had to go to such extremes to get it done

Original review posted by user Jul 24, 2018

I called Pama when there was water dripping from the ceiling in the apartment. I called when there was one, I called when there was 4 leaks.

I called when the ceiling finally collapsed. I am now looking at a large hole and water is still leaking into the apartment. I have buckets and pots to catch water. I asked them to come and check the electrical system because as it stands I have extension cords all over the apartment because the outlets are not working.

When you call to report a problem you are dismissed and treated like crap. There have been so many times I have had to call that I can no longer keep count. I have called the city the county code enforcement nothing is done. I have since come to the conclusion Pama does not care because the city and county do not care.

I am now looking to get out of this apartment and out of San Bernardino in general. Oh and by the way Pama is also IE property rentals.

How they are allowed to operate under two different names is another thing that is beyond me. I have come to the conclusion that since we are in a lower income neighborhood we do no need a quality place to live as far as they are concerned.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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