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For everybody who has been wronged or worked sinced 1996 from the owners of Chesapeake Apts hit my email at and let's make them pay us all back why should they live like queens and kings of are hard work and tears and blood

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Im also starting a petition. To have one of your managers removed and replaced by a more professional and educated candidate.

And Im in the process of hiring an attorney to have my case investigated as well as the company and their records... I was wrongfully evicted. Just because the manager would refuse to accept my rent. When I tried to pay my balance she stated she didnt have that information.

I called corporate and never got a response back.

Now im on the street with my two little girls. Thanks Pama!


Come on you guys rented to some gang members in your area you think people are gonna listen to you nope it's not gonna happend. Please stop with your nonsense pettition which is not gonna work you really think you can win against a mega power of a company. Please don't try it

@Pama staff

I shoot straight you never did. Jan.2019?

know dozens of dufferent tenants who never got deposit back. Stand still and I will blow your face off.

Corrupt greedy thugs who extort harass steal cars etc raise rents and turn water off while my city acts as if its imagined. Pama, nijjar realty IE prop mgmt, just lost it all.