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Pama Management staff talking about bringing two gang members where I live they printed 2 people that's have tagged the property up in different places if it's gang related stuff not to mention all of the {{Redacted}} and there was a management company that ran into them not the attendance whatever petition Pama Management El Monte California part of the company or in some way related to the situation not on the short end of the stick apparently do some research before you open your mouth and throw stuff out there no more people need to pursue actions legal actions against these companies like this raising People's rent and not fixing anything and some of the things are super dangerous could end up being injury illness or better yet desk hello no something needs to be done about the management company that's what needs to be done that's what you call it slum Lords nasty operated or had anything to do with Pama Management or IE rental homes I lived here for over 2 years before they came in and started running this place ran it straight into the ground like really quick and it just continues to get more ghetto and more trashy and just disgusting it's a nice or used to be a beautiful place that's definitely not worth the money and then they're raising the rent and not fixing anything there's laws against that people exercise your rights wherever you are do some research find out what your rights are if you can withhold a certain percentage of rent all of the steps you need to take in order to get them to do their job there are such things as free legal consultation stop complaining and writing *** reviews and do something about it or it'll never change management companies and *** companies like this been around a long time they stay around as long as you don't actually put your foot down and do something about it legally

Product or Service Mentioned: Pama Management Property Rental.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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