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I have only lived on the Property on 3218 Ave Q4 Palmdale CA 93550 since February 18th. I am a 60 year old woman with heart disease and kidney failure. Also many more health issues.I decideded to rent a home. After looking for several weeks. I found this wonderful Old House. I fell in love with the home. It was built in 1955. It has a large front and back yard. Totaling about 7048 sg feet. I qualified to rent the home. I am on a assistance program. I worked hard and paid taxes all of my working life. Now I need this help. The Supervisor Caroline has a nasty bad habit of speaking to residents in a mean and rude mannor. Just for requesting repair work in our apartments or houses. I have writen at the very least 10 requests for maintenance. They have not fullfed any of them. The ones that have been half done ànd never finished are the ones that have been rewritten by the staff. Caroline many times has sreamed and yelled at me for just requesting that the work be done. She screamed in my face shaking her head back and forth YOU KNOW WHY I DON'T LIKE YOU SHEILA...I DID NOT REPLY TO THAT ALTHOUGH SHE SAID IT IS BECAUSE YOU ARE A LIAR A LIAR. On that time she told me that the Company did not want to rent to me and that she had to conveince them to do so. Well I was in the office when my application was approved on the same day that it was sent. Who is the liar? She told me other lies about the Section 8 Program. She told me that even though the house was in progress of being cleaned, that if section 8 passed it they did not have to complete the cleaning.process. Norma was given instruction by the inspector as to what needed be completed. She has kept silent. I know what he said because I was there. Section.8 is a Partnership between the Resident the Ownership and Section 8. Caroline said she was also upset that I have a three bedroom home. If the family can afford it according to the rules then by all means we can do so. Training would help these women out. Also courses in running a people business. I have read on this site that this happens in a lot of you businesses. You are working with human lives as your business. Please think of that while Caroline is about to rent unclean homes. I love this home and Caroline is very awfull as a Supervisor. I felt like she was going to hit me the day she got in my face in the office. Potential residents and residents were in the office. It is not her job to like me or not like me. Her job is to serve the residents and enforce the state laws and regulations. My home is beautiful it just needs a little love and care of which I am willing to give my all. I gave my request to do so a few months ago in writing. No response. Also I can get free weatherizing from the Gas Company. Caroline, Norma and Esmerelda all have stood in the way of that for months as well. I only need a signiture from a supervisor of the Management Co or the realty Supervisor or the owner. Let me improve this Property. I can not figure out what owner would not allow this free improvement.

Thank you for your aTime

Sheila Malone

3218 Ave Q4 East Palmdale CA

Product or Service Mentioned: Pama Management House Rental.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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