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These are some of the problems. I have reported in the home.

Caroline refuses to come to the home to see the issues. These are not pricely repairs, this is why she sceams at me and calls me a liar. She claims to have so much money a $1000.00. I guess she just forgot about these issues.

The Housing inspecter told Norma what needed to be done in the the home, minnor things. She said that since he passed it, she did not need to do anything more. How would I know you may ask. Section 8/HUD agreement is a 3 way Partnership.

Your Management Team does not seem to know that. Norma was rude and yelling at me for being at the inspection. She told me I was not allowed to be there. Amoung other nasty things.

She knows now. Then there is Esmerelda, she appeared to be the only one who has management skills. Yesterday I was in the office. I wanted to ask her what was the reason for the differential treatment I was receiving from IE Rentals.

So I asked is is because I am Black but different because I know my rights. Does that agrivate you all. I did not get that far. The phone rang and it was Caroline.

Before Caroline could speak. Esmerelda started a rant of how I had just called all of them Racisit. I spoke out and said I did noy use that word nor was that in my thoughts. I was stunned.

I got up to leave. Then Esmerelda told me that Caroline wanted me to be there so she could find out what is wrong in my home, so she could get it done before section 8 comes. What does that say to you. It says to me she knows there is a problem.

Thank you for your time. I hope we resolve these minor issues to complete the clean up of my home. Oh by the by I had to clean the home. I made an agreement with Caroline that if I cleaned the house, would she change the broken blinds in the living room.

She ok I already ordered them. I cleaned the home In February. I at the end of May still hav not recieved those blinds ordered in March. She now calls me a liar on that agreement.

The house was filthy. Now it is not...

Product or Service Mentioned: Pama Management House Rental.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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It's Section 8. If you're not happy with what is provided to you by the hardworking tax-payers, get off your butt and earn a living so you can afford to pay for your own housing that is more to your liking.


I have lived on section 8 housing in a Pama property for many years, i am white snd am treated the same way. If you want to be treated equally "lousy, second rate ect" by s ll mean give pama a call because that is the only way everybody is treated! Sorry you are going thru this!