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I live in Palmdale CA I have rented an old very great home on Q4 builtb in 1955. It is over 7 thousand sq feet including grounds and the home.

I saw it and went inside and I knew it was where I was supposed to be. Ya know how you walk in a plaçe and it is like you have been there before. Well that feeling was gone swiftly as soon as I went to the IE Rental office. Caroline, Norma and Esmerelda ar the most and the worst people to to placed in a positions of authority.

They are rude unprofessional and have god complexes. I used the small g I dont want to confuse you into thinking l am refereing to the Lord our God. The do no know that God. I moved into my wonderful home on Feb 18 2015.

The house was a stinky filthy and smelly as it was when I viewed it at the end of January. The stopped all work on the home when In. I am still to this day May 28 still waiting for the home to be Painted, Cleaned, and the blinds replaceed. The home need to be wearherized.

I can get this done for free through the gas company. The woman all together lie and lie about sending in the 3 sheets of paper to get the work done. What they do no understand is I will go to health and safety. The Company will have to pay.

The Supervisor Caroline yesterday screamed and yelled at me calling me a peson who does not tell the truth. I have know idea why she said that. She told me she does not like me. She screamed at me if front of a person trying to move in and then blamed me for her behavior.

I had a legitamate reason to be in the office to again fix the tub and toilet in the home. Whatever the use to resurface the tub is peeling off and has a permenant bath tub ring on it,and the toliet hasna top that was not made for it. The toilet seat has permenant urine stains on the bottom of the cover. There are missing base boards have been painted on.

Wood rot in the bathroom. There were roaches reported sometime in March. The did not show up until the end of May. Of course I did not wait for them I had it sprayed.

Can you imagine how bad the infestation would be had I not had that done. The Esmerelda told me I better be there and I better let them in.

I canceled in writing. So much more

Product or Service Mentioned: Pama Management House Rental.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I do no understand why the type'os occurred I read this before sending. I hope you grasp what I am trying to say.

I also want to make the back yard beautiful. I put in the request in or about March or April. Still no response from Caroline. I am a Senior of nearly 61 years old.

These young people should not be in a people business. Not at all.