San Marcos, California
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The park manager is not following through with management as well as neglecting to make reassuring the tenants their problem will be fixed by maintenance in a timely manner. When I first moved in 9 months ago, my senior veteran had been living in a coach that had serious mold problems due to a leaky swamp cooler.

He said he had been asking for help for over a year. I immediatly called environment health and requested an agent come to help the disabled veteran. With in two weeks, the whole rotted wood floor of the bedroom infested with mold was removed all the way to the ground and completely replaced with new wood and flooring. The hallway also had black mold falling from the hallway ceiling.

That was also torn out and properly sealed, with a new air conditioner installed in a window. It was good to know the county can require uninhabitable coaches to be fixed. If a proper manager was doing their job overseeing the needs of seniors and making timely upgrades and repairs with skilled maintenance men, the problems would have been fixed proprtly and our park would still be holding their 5 star rating, which is currently degraded to a 1 star park. I understand there are many other seniors living in neglected coaches.

Pama is willing to take rent money monthly, however they have neglected so much repair and proper refurbishing through the years, many seniors have given up because they have nowhere else to go. Pama is know as an uncaring company ( they are called a slum lord) with inexpensive rentals. I didnt realize how bad the park was until I was a tenant for 3 months, having my own problems with promises not delivered.

I wish the county could take over by means of imminent domain. Give the seniors their dignity back and make this park a nice safe drug free place to live.

Product or Service Mentioned: Pama Management Property Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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