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I moved in a week ago... now in my other place I never had rosches ever...I just got new furniture and the roaches have invaded my furniture I put in a 30 day notice to move because I refuse to live with unwanted guest...this is not how I live and I've notified the health dept regarding this building they need to take immediate action on how things are being handled...they should not be allowed to rent out any units until the problem has been addressed...I can't live like this I bet the owner won't live in one of the apartments with so much infestation

Product or Service Mentioned: Sanitary Conditions.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Hey person who responded the. First learn how to spell correctly before you say something you shouldn't be saying


Just clean your apartment and you won't have roaches


You are not lieing samething happy to me ceda is full of lies at the blue apt an they won't fix nothing an I been here for a year there lazy an *** *** trust they won't people been moven on wheeler st all the Roaches an you have to leave your food in plastic containers