Arlington, Texas
Not resolved

This is the worst apt complex i have EVER lived in or dealt with! I live in Arlington, Tx in Whispering Woods.

Im looking into getting a lawyer! I've lived here for a little over a year and everytime it rains my apt floods! I have mold all over the bottom of my wall because of it!!!They do not attempt to fix anything unless i get code compliance involved . my apt has flooded for the last time.

One ofc asst called me and told me that i can move to another unit (even though its a townhome and not a flat )with same rent price since it is OBVIOUSLY THEIR FAULT! I do stay in a flat and the townhome rents for more but its not my fault that they have to move me out to fix THEIR issue that shouldve been taken care of before i was moved in.Now someone else is telling me that i HAVE to pay the rent increase.

Its not my fault this apt is *** i have been unhappy since i moved here its ridiculous! I need someone from corporate to call me asap!

Product or Service Mentioned: Pama Management Apartment.

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