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Tips to rent from IE Rentals/Pama Managenent 1. Move In.

Do NOT sign a blank move in form and do NOT sign one that they say reflects how the property "will be" do your move in at the property the day you move in and take a picture both pages of it. Make sure someone from the company signs it. 2. Move out.

Make sure the move out is done!!! Take pictures of the form with signatures again. 3. Security deposit.

If you have waited 21 days and havent heard anything call 909-625-3747 or email securitydeposits@pamamgt.com. 4. Work orders. Do NOT call in for maintence.

Go in and fill out a work order, again take a picture of the form. We all have camera phones people. 5. Withholding rent.

The quickest way to eviction. Every tenant claims something is wrong with their place which is why they dont pay rent. Courts are used to this. Get your money order and make a copy.

Give the supervisor the COPY, supervisors care about 2 things.... vacancies and balances. Watch how fast your issues are taken care of when they know you have the rent. 6.

Pest Control. This is lazy managers or offices. The person in charge of pest control POs is on top of it. She will get the office a pest control PO the same day they request it.

All pest control has a warranty the company will come back out. The pest control companies notify the office of when they plan to come, stay on top of your onsite managers about dates. 7. Onsite managers are nothing more then whipping boys/girls.

All they can really do is collect your rent. Everything else is a process through the office and supervisors. Notify your onsite via text if you dont get satisfaction go to the office. 8.

626-575-3070. This is the number for corporate. Option 3 gets you a live person. Call corporate!!!

Tell them your issue, who youve spoken with, how many times youve put it in writing and complain. The worst calls/emails come from corporate when a tenant calls. 9. Code enforcement.

Call code enforcement. Every office has tons of open cases with code enforcement, they can be your best defense in court. 10. Real emergencies.

Remember what they are. No hot or running water, no electricty or gas, no heat source, hazardous plumbing. Your leaking faucet, broken tiles, slow draining sink, dirty carpet, dirty complex, broken washer or dryer, lack of outside lighting, etc are not actual emergencies. Keep in mind at least once a day some water line breaks, something catches fire, caves in etc.

The company is not organized enough for preventive maintence. Sadly CA does not require a cooling system be provided to tenants so your cooling needs most of the time come out of your pocket. 11. Ghetto houses/apartments.

Pama owns every property they rent, they buy homes cheap at auction and do very little to prepare them for rent. New paint, carpet and blinds is the standard "rehab" sometimes you get new fixtures, cabinets and counter tops. The owner does not like to spending tons of money for units that tenants tear up, turn over all the time, and rent for reasonably cheap. 12.

Eviction. Pama will put your *** in court by the 10th of the month. They do not play with not paying rent. Pay something!!

Supervisors take partial payments every day. A few hundred $ will keep you out of court for a little while. If you go to court have your proof!! Pama will have a lawyer there with a manager or supervisor.

Ive seen te Ive seen crazy things from pama management, employees and tenants. Ive dealt with ghetto, crackhead, mentally unstable tenants, properties catching fire, vendors throwing fits over payments, properties vandalized,

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A lot of this information is very helpful. I just used it to get my security deposit back!!!

Someone should pin this post or something. Most helpful information ever for this awful company


This person knows this cause I guaranteed he or she was a manager. And I bet you got fired.

Cause u didn't do your job right. Only onsite managers and as for veronica come and and find us in el monte office and believe me you will get dealth with in person Mark my words


Absolutely, I used to work for that lame *** company and fired? Hardly...on to bigger and better things.

I paid my dues and did my time. Is this tweeker Juan? The one who does *** work, steals from Properties, and burns down houses.

Don't get me started. The information I have.....

@Bring it on

Tell the DA in 4 counties. Consider it a good deed.

Call Class action attorneys for whistleblower info that helps a case begin. We need a super hero.


this is amazing. thank you