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I currently am renting at one of their locations. I'm very disappointed with how they run things. Maybe they need a new manager at my property(Griselda) but the management has made me start looking for a new place to reside in.The manager doesn't get this fixed when things break. I've gotten things stolen from my front door and no one even acts concerned. I've complained many times about people in my Parking space and nothing has been done. We... Read more

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I think that everyone should ban together to sue them as a group to put them out of business I've done case and won they are very much so breaking laws and need to be put out of business they own more then three companies to hide behind to not pay and avoid law suits Read more

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Hi im having a very bad exsperience with pama managment i was renting a apartment at 500 las palmas sac .calif.95815 my apt caught on fire inspetor from fire department said it was classified it an accident she put my family on the street is spreading rumors. About the incident . she said she heard from other tenents even after the fire inccident report already was issued she locked us out changed the locks and avoided us for a hole week after... Read more

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Gang bangers run this company

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Pama aka I.E rental and whatever many other names these crooks go by are terrible. They have a extremely high turn over of maintenance people and licensed employees They Don't Pay these people they hire inexperienced undocumented workers. I made the mistake of moving my family into one of their Bedbug/mice Infested homes, amongst the list of other defects illegal garage conversion I contacted fair housing which was No help I called code... Read more

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Pama Management - No repairs
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If you have a problem you might as well start with code enforcement or fair housing because that is the only way to protect your rights,Besides the point they never spray for spiders rodents or ant fleas . when you write a letter to your problem by the time they get around to doing something you either have to fix it yourself get sick and die or move out. the part thats so upsetting they are detting away with it . part of it all they let these... Read more

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This company as well as ie rentals are terrible they tried to evict me and loss. They never gave me my deposit back and its ben almost two years! This is crazy they the real criminals.. Read more

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Also there getto people that live here very noise people: I don't talk to anyone here don't want to make friends with Know here not Worth my time: and The neighbors next-door playing music really loud and you sound so terrible I karaoke at 3 o'clock in the morning 6 o'clock in the afternoon anytime of the day. And the neighbors upstairs they just don't have any manners don't know how to control their children always running up and down till 2... Read more

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Pama Management - Review in Real Estate category from San Bernardino, California
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I have been renting a 1bed 1bath apartment for 3 1/2 yrs and my first time and worst experience I've ever dealt with, very bad company pama management apartments. The cabinets have old food splattered on them and grease stains on the them and all they did instead of washing it off first? they painted over it to make it look nice, sure they put in new kitchen counter top and a new garbage disposal and a new sink! I think that there's mildew under... Read more

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I was wrongfully fired by shallon bearce and not paid my wages. She is the one who hired me & then fired me due to a parole search ,(that she knew was going to happen,)she agreed that , the parollee ( unnamed ),could stay there while she tried to find another address he could use since his release from prison .After an argument between us because of my non payment of wages owed, I took a break from there & went to visit friends in... Read more

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